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Since the start of the war between Ukraine and Russia on 24 February 2022, De Zoysa Import-Export started with an idea from experienced senior managers who have worked for international non-government organizations, globally and in Ukraine, shifting their focus to support INGOs, UN and other agencies assisting affected people in Ukraine.


De Zoysa Import-Export LLC is a Ukraine-based company with a network of established manufacturers of a wide range of agricultural products in Ukraine. Our company is young and we have widened our reach to establish relationships with both manufacturers and buyers of agricultural products from various countries such as Sudan, Sri Lanka and India.


We offer guaranteed quality and competitive prices for agricultural products to our valued customers. We work closely with our trade partner - India Exporting and Importing Hub – in providing wall tiles, bathroom fittings and hygiene items globally. 



Provide a value for money, integrated trade solution to our suppliers and buyers. Building trust and establishing long-term trade relationship with professional services at the most competitive price. 


We aspire to be a leader in international trade and provide our suppliers and buyers with efficient and professional services.  


  1. Humanity,

  2. Prevent deforestation and reduce negative, impact on the environment,

  3. Dedication,

  4. Legitimacy and adherence to laws and regulations, 

  5. Transparency and hoensty - we do not give kick-backs 

Holding Plant
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