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NEW! - Recruitment HR Services

We've expanded our scope of operations, leveraging our presence and ongoing initiatives across various countries to offer top-tier human resources support services for the recruitment of talent from overseas. Our primary focus is on sourcing skilled, semi-skilled, and unskilled labor from Sri Lanka. Join us on a journey that transcends borders, unlocking the potential of a truly global workforce.


In collaboration with our partner, Cham Lanka (Pvt) Ltd, in Sri Lanka, who are trailblazers in bridging the gap between talent and opportunity, we empower businesses to thrive with the right people by their side, irrespective of geographical limitations.

Countries: Romania, Poland, Germany, Finland, Japan, Denmark and other EU Countries 

Pre-Selection and Standby Roster

Our approach centers around maintaining a database of pre-selected candidates whose skills can be aligned with potential employers. Each pre-selected candidate must meet minimum educational and English language requirements. We conduct reference checks with former employers and conduct police background checks. The final step in pre-selection includes an interview conducted by our professional HR team. This approach allows us to respond rapidly to customer needs.


Matching and Selection

Upon signing a contract for sourcing overseas employees, we provide a list of candidates along with their CVs for selection by the client. At this stage, we require a detailed job description, information on remuneration, and benefits, which will be shared with potential employees before forwarding their credentials.


Work Permits, Visas, and Logistics:

Employers are typically responsible for procuring work permits, although we do offer these services for an extra fee. Our specialized visa experts in Sri Lanka provide valuable assistance to employees in securing their visas and booking their flight tickets. We also ensure that all necessary registrations with the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment are completed.

It's important to note that the expenses related to visas and flights are the responsibility of the employees themselves. This arrangement underscores their strong commitment to fulfilling the terms of their employment contracts.


Pre-Departure and Arrival

Each employee undergoes mandatory orientation training, which includes cultural education and ethical behavior in a foreign work environment. Candidates are encouraged to take additional language courses to enhance their English language skills.

We provide support to employees arriving at their duty stations on the predetermined date, and additional assistance is offered to obtain stay permits to regularize their work rights.

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Your next great hire or dream job may be just a world away, and we're here to facilitate that connection. Welcome to the future of HR sourcing, where the entire world is your talent pool, and opportunities know no bounds.

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